Chairperson & Treasurer, John Leeser

Marketing Chair, Matt Miller

Secretary, Brad Bailey

Steering Committee Chair, Jennifer Benninger

Liaison to PNA, Jane Huntgartner


“Shame on me if I don’t bring back ideas that pay for the conference many times over. This group makes me better at my job, which is important to me.”
— Matt Miller, Chief Revenue Officer, Trib Total Media

"For me, PAMA has always been about sharing ideas, brainstorming, and the camaraderie that forms between people sharing similar challenges and goals. When I started as a manager in the news media industry, PAMA provided valuable insights to help me grow professionally."
— Rob Anders, Director of Advertising, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“PAMA has played such an important role throughout my career from sales person to Advertising Director and to Publisher. I would’ve never been exposed to so many of my impressive colleagues in this business were it not for the organization’s conferences. I can’t count the number of ideas I first learned from a PAMA member that I then brought back to my newspaper and successfully implemented.”
— Brad Bailey, General Manager, Press Enterprise

I enjoy the time spent at PAMA conferences. I always come away with an idea or two from the many discussions whether they are around the conference or restaurant table.  We are also always an email or slack message away from the group when we need advice.
— Jennifer Benninger, Advertising Director, Times News Media Group

"The PAMA (IAMA) has always been a tremendous resource of advertising professionals who have similar goals and share many of the same challenges as we do. I've borrowed many revenue-generating ideas from members over the years, and hopefully some of our ideas have worked in their markets.  The annual conference is a great networking opportunity and well worth the investment."
— Mike Joyce, Publisher, Republican Herald

Worth every penny, every time I attended an IAMA Advertising Workshop. Every year the workshop date was a highlight on my calendar. I'd always come back with a few revenue ideas, some way to improve a process or function at our paper or just a recharged energy from the attendees. Never once did I even contemplate taking them up on their money-back workshop guarantee. 
— John Leeser, Advertising Director, Williamsport Sun-Gazette


The Pennsylvania Advertising Managers Association (PAMA) is dedicated to supporting the next generation of advertising professionals. Over the years, IAMA (the predecessor to PAMA) has given over $100,000 in scholarships to students from Penn State University, University of Pittsburgh, Temple University, West Virginia University and Seton Hall University. With your support, PAMA hopes to resume providing these scholarships.